Sunday, November 2, 2008


So sorry for not updating. Nothing has really been going on so there wasnt really much to post. Ok so of course Halloween counts as something. Me and Jason were going to a party that our friend Alex was putting on. I went as a pirate (not a butt pirate :P) and Jason went as George Washington (it sounds dumb, but his outfit was awesome!) So we went to Alex's house after I picked him up. It was a good night. Everyone had really funny costumes.

So after awhile, we decided to go out to the pioneer cemetary, its basically a graveyard, but out in the middle of the forsest, where all they buried pioneers back in the day. So we all loaded up in my car and drove out to the cemetary. It was uber creepy. Mainly cause it was night and a cemetary. I wanted to hold on to Jason, but obviously I couldn't hold his hand when were around other people. We kept hearing noises in the trees so we decided to go back to Alex's house.

Everyone started playing Halo 3, so I told Jason to take a walk with me. Alex lives in the country so we were walking down a gravel road, it was a really starry night. Once we were out of site we held hands as we walked. I love being next to Jason. It makes me feel content. We walked about a mile (we had flashlights, otherwise I would be freaked) when Jason grabbed me and started kissing me. We ended up making out for like 10 minutes. He tastes so good. Its like licking pepermint. mmm. So anyway. After a little bit of that. Jason starts putting his hand under my shirt and of course I do the same. I love touching him. He is perfect.

At this point we are both obviously very horny. Jason started rubbing the front of my pants. OMG. It felt so good to have sexual attention from him. So of course I start doing the same. I could tell by what I was feeling that Jason is um......quite have never seen him when he is ready to go, so I was surprised. But then he started to put his hand down my pants. I'm not sure I should have, but I stopped him. As much as I love Jason. I dont think I'm ready for more than what we were doing. I was just like "Um. Not yet. I just think, we need to slow down, just for a bit. I just dont want to rush things." and he was like "Oh. Ok. Thats fine. I just thought you might have wanted to".

Wow I felt like a tease. :( So we decided that we had better get back to the party. So we walked back, holding hands until we came into sight of the house. When we got back inside Alex was like "What were you two doing out there? (with a very sarcastic tone)". I said "Walking." smiling to myself.

If only they knew :)



AJCon89 said...

very cool... its great that you t2 are now so close.

I hope it brings you much happiness and love. I know my relationship with matt is doing that for me :)

Jason sounds amazing... lol

Peter said...

Hey Archer you are a very luck guy. I hope you and Jason have a great relationship together.

P.S. I just created a blog and would like you to link me...please

I'm new to all this so I don't know how you do it

Seán said...

That made me smile, hardcore. :)))))

I really wish you two the best.

And you know that you *have* to keep us updated...because I can't hear some of the story and miss out on all the details!

I wish I had something to blog about. :P

Doug said...

Yay I'm very happy for you Archer. It's good that you're taking it slow. If it didn't feel like it was time, then it probably wasn't time. So don't feel bad for stopping him. :)

mirrorboy said...

aww good things come to good people :)

have fun with him. ;D



Doomed but cheerful! said...

aw-and now you are all glow-golden inside! joy to both of you!

gurney x

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

not sure if it is necessary or not, but it might be helpful to explain to jason why you said "no," so that he doesn't think he was being rejected or something else.

Mr. HCI said...

Kudos for not rushing into things! You're right to want to take things at the speed at which you feel comfortable.

Having said that, it sounds like you're off to a beautiful start! As the band X called one of their albums, "Ain't love grand!"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good grief, it's been 2 weeks and no updates. :((((

Planetx_123 said...

I just read your blog and was enthralled you have had quite an interesting and exciting last couple of months. I hope you are ok-- I am sure you are very busy, and don't have time to write. When you are ready- I know we are all excited to hear how you are doing.


aron2631 said...

So what's going on?? It's been ages since you've posted.

AJCon89 said...

it seems like another blog has bitten the dust...

sad... I like reading this one...

Anonymous said...

where did you gooooooo?
come back!

Seth said...

I'm leaving you a comment here because I couldn't find an email address.

So, its December 25th. Have wonderful, safe and happy holiday season!!


Fiction Writer said...

Hey =-) Just read through your blog and I'm super happy that things are progressing well between you and Jason. It's only been three years since I was just getting my license...but it feels so long ago and a world away and I wish I could have had something like you have. It's good that you value it enough to be responsible and sensible.

Drop a line any time =-)

Peter said...


What's going on with you?

You seriously need to update us so we know you are okay

Peter said...

Okay Archer, here's the deal:

You haven't posted anything since November. People are very worried about you, myself included.

Please do one of the following:

1. Post something
2. Leave a comment here after mine to at least let me and anyone else reading know that you are alive.
3. If you aren't going to post anything anymore, just delete your blog.

Please do something so I can stop worrying about you!

Seth said...

Hey anyone home?
People are wondering and worrying about you. Please post something.


Peter said...

finally someone else who keeps coming here. I hope you do too Archer! People still care about you here. Dont let us go on worrying about you.....please. I am begging you. :(

Seth said...

Sad to say, it looks like for whatever reason, "Archer" has gone MIA for good. I guess the worst thing is, we'll never know what happened to him - just sort of left wondering.

Archer, I hope your world truly is a Wonderful World, wherever you may be.

Anonymous said...

someone sent me here as an example of a great love story that suddenly ended.

But the blog is still here.

Whats up Archer?

Never too late to fill us all in.

Or was it all a fantasy and you sucked us in?


AG said...

We are still here waiting for .... I miss you